Recording on the MacBook

1) Plug in the USB microphone
  • Go to System Preferences
  • Sound > Input
  • Select AK5370 and move the volume control up to 3/4
  • make sure the green light is on.
2) Put the headphones in the headphone jack
3) Launch Audacity
  • Preferences
  • Devices: Recording - Device: Change Built in Microphone to the AK5370
  • Channel: Mono
4) File > New
  • Record your audio
5) Be sure that when you are done you click the STOP button
6) File > Save as
  • Save your file in a folder in your documents
7) File Export... Format MP3 Files
  • save the file with the same name.mp3
  • If you get a message that says you need to find the Lamelib plugin, click OK, when a window opens you will be in a folder "lib" with a folder "Audacity" in it. Click on the folder "Audacity", then click on the item inside it called "libmp3lame.dylib" and click Open.