First Class

Atomic Learning

Logging in to the online version of First Class

Download First Class to your Home computer

Instructions in .pdf

Moving Files from My Files to your computer

  • Open the My Files Folder
  • Click once on a folder.
  • Choose File > Download
  • Navigate to the folder you want to save your work in to (such as Documents).
  • Click Open and the files will save.

How can I tell if my account is over the new limit???

  • You should see a box like this.. FC.png in your FirstClass toolbar. If you currently show a number smaller than 700 you will be over the limit when the quota is changed.
  • What should I do if I'm over the limit???
  • If you are over the limit you should delete old emails (especially ones with large attachments) and delete any files backed up to your FirstClass account. All back up files should now be on the ysdfile2 server.

How do I organize my Mail in my Inbox?

(teacher accounts only for now)
Open you mail box
  • View > Split and choose which direction you would like to split the window.
  • File > New Folder. Create folders for the way you want to organize you mail. When you create a folder, you can right click on it to get more Info and rename it.
  • Collaborate > Rules
    • Use advanced rules
    • Name the rule
    • Choose the when and if scenarios and the then scenario.
    • Click Save
The only problem with this is if you have something go directly in to a folder, it does not put a red flag on the folder to show there is new mail. One thing that works well is to color code mail. If the message received is from Friend 1 (put the address in ) then color it green. That helps alot!

Backing up My Classes in First Class

Please do this step BEFORE you back up to the server.
1) Open your Documents Folder
2) File > New Folder
3) Name it MyClasses2008.2009
4) Open First Class Double click on the My Classes Icon
5) Click on a class (apple-click will allow you to select multiple classes)
6) File > Download Navigate to Documents > MyClasses2008.2009
7) Click Choose

Making First Class your default Mail Client

In applications Open Mail
Create a fake account (
When the Mail Program opens, choose Mail > Preferences
General > Change Mail to First Class.
Now all mail links will open in First Class