Adding Printers

System Preferences > Print & Scan


Click the + Button
All of the Printers start with YHS
You should add:
  • YHSLabColor or YHSLabPhaser
  • YHSLabKing or YHSKingPhaser (Currently located in the 100 wing copier room)
  • YHS600WingBW (Mr. Weiss' Room)

  • YHS600WIngColor (Mr. Weiss' Room)
  • YHS500WingBW (Mrs. Khan and Mrs. Brookes office)
  • YHS500WingColor (500 WIng Copier room)
You can also other printers in rooms that you have classes in.

Click on the Repair ButtonIf you are asked to repair a Printer

  • Use the password that you log in to your machine with
  • When the printer has been repaired, restart your machine

If you are having trouble printing from Google:

  • Click on Print Using System Dialog
  • The OSX System dialog box will open
  • Choose your printer