Steps for translating documents

Tools needed:
  1. Microphone- use the internal microphone or you can use an external microphone (available in library and recommended)
  2. Pages
  3. Google Docs

Set up Steps for translating documents:
  1. Plug in the microphone (if you have it)
  2. Open System Preferences
  3. Choose Dictation and Speech > Dictation
  4. Turn Dictation on
  5. If you are using the external microphone, Click on the microphone icon and change it to external microphone (it might be AK 5370)
  6. Note the Shortcut (This is how you will access the microphone)
  7. Open Pages
  8. Name and save your document
  9. Click your shortcut. A small microphone icon will appear below the cursor. Begin talking. You can record for 30 seconds.
  10. When you have finished talking and are ready to transcribe your words, either press the shortcut key again, or click the “Done” button below the microphone. After a few seconds, your voice will be transcribed into text.
  11. The text will appear on the page. I don’t know how long you can record for.

To Translate:
  1. When the recording is finished, open Google Drive
  2. Create > new Document
  3. Name your document
  4. Copy the text from the Pages document into the Google Doc.
  5. Go to Tools > Translate Documents
  6. Choose the language you want the words translated in to.
  7. A new document will open with the translation named Translated copy of Name of Document.

Shortcuts for recording