iWeb Tips Tricks and Tutorials

Save iWeb page to a folder on your hard drive

This allows the iWeb page to be saved on our servers.
Open iWeb and click on Site.
Under Site Publishing Settings change Publish to: to "Local folder":
In Folder Location Click Choose and navigate to the folder you want to save it to (Student>Sites). You must open the SItes folder to choose it.
Create a new folder. Do not use spaces or punctuation.
In the Location it should now say Users/student/Sites/foldername
File > Save
File > Publish Entire Site
Click Continue
When you get the message to Visit SIte Now. or OK, just click OK.

Publish an iWeb Site online

From the Finder log in to the webapps server. Go > Connect to Server (webapps.yarmouth.k12.me.us)>Connect

Backup iWeb page to Server
Be sure you save and quit iWeb.
Log in to your backup Server folder (yhsfiles)
Make a folder called iWebBackup
Open a new finder window
Navigate to student > Library > Application Support > iWeb > Domain
Drag the domain file to your Backup folder.

Restore your Backup

Make sure that iWeb has been quit.
Log in to your back up folder
Drag the domain to student > Library > Application Support > iWeb
When you are asked "there is a file with that name already here, Do you want to replace it?" Choose replace.
Open iWeb.